Yes – Hold On

«Hold On» is a song by the progressive rock band Yes, from their 1983 album, 90125. It reached number 27 on the U.S. Mainstream Rock chart in 1985.[1]

The core of «Hold On» was written by Yes guitarist Trevor Rabin, prior to his joining the band, as two separate songs: «Hold On» and «Moving In».[2] Once Rabin joined the band, the two songs were combined, with band members Chris Squire and Jon Andersoncontributing additional music and lyrics. All three are credited as writers.[3]

Unlike the other songs on 90125, which are credited as «Produced by Trevor Horn» exclusively, Yes shares a production credit with Horn for «Hold On».[3]

«Hold On» has also appeared on several of Yes’ later compilations, including the Yesyears and In a Word: Yes (1969–) box sets.

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