Styx – Come sail away
  • This contains an allusion to the Bible verse of Ezekiel chapter 1:1-28 where a large wheel/cloud (depending on text) appears to Ezekiel and gives him instructions from God: «A gathering of angels appeared above my head. They sang to me this song of hope, and this is what they said… (later in song)… I thought that they were angels, but to my surprise, they climbed aboard their starship and headed for the skies.» Some people believe the figure Ezekiel saw was not a messenger sent from God but an alien space craft or a time machine from the future. (thanks, tommy – indianapolis, IN)
  • This regained popularity in 1999 when it was used in the raunchy, animated cartoon show South Park. One of the characters, Cartman, was compelled to sing it every so often. Cartman’s version was released on a soundtrack album and the song was introduced to a new generation.

Source: song facts

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