Styx – Boat on the River

«Boat on the River» is a 1979 song by Styx, from their album Cornerstone. It was released as a single in 1980, but did not chart in the band’s native United States. However, it was popular in several German-speaking countries, becoming a top-five hit on the German, Austrian and Swiss charts (reaching number one on the latter.)

The song features Tommy Shaw on lead vocals and mandolin, with Dennis DeYoung accompanying on accordion. In the video for the song, Chuck Panozzo, John Panozzo, and James Young play bowed double bass, tambourine/bass drum and acoustic guitarrespectively.

Allmusic reviewer Mike DeGagne praised both «Boat on the River» and fellow Cornerstone single «Lights» retrospectively for their «silky harmonies and welcoming choruses», despite their poor chart performance in the U.S.[8]

The song has been covered by Seventh Avenue and Guano Apes.

Source: wikipedia

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