Images – Les Démons De Minuit

«Les Démons de minuit» is the debut single of the French band Images. Released in June 1986, it was the first single from their first album Album d’Images. Very popular, the song was a huge hit in France. It was the summer hit of 1986, peaking at number one for 13 weeks.

«Les Démons de minuit» was also released as an English version (by the same group), titled «Love Emotion».[2]

It was very difficult for the group to find a record company agreeing to sign a contract with them, because at the beginning nobody believed in the potential of the song.

Christophe Desprès, who took part in the composition of the song, was also a member of the group Pacifique, which released two hits in the late 1980s.

At the time, the music video apparently was regarded scandalous in France as it featured a little particular priest, tortured by the temptation among seductive women.

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